Chiptune NIN Album, ‘Pretty Eight Machine’, Coming On Vinyl

Chiptune artist Brendan Becker, aka Inverse Phase, contacted us to let us know that he is releasing Pretty Eight Machine — his chiptune tribute to Nine Inch Nails — on vinyl.

The album was originally released in 2012, and has proven to be Becker’s most popular release.

Becker’s arrangements use a wide range of classic gear, including: SID/6581 (Commodore 64), POKEY (Atari 800), straight 2A03 (NES), AY/SCC+ (MSX+Metal Gear 2 or Snatcher cartridge), SN76489 (Sega Master System), 2A03+VRC6 (Famicom+Castlevania 3 cartridge), LR35902 (Game Boy), and OPLL (MSX-MUSIC or Japanese Sega Master System).

The vinyl release is being issued as a limited release at Bandcamp. You can get the details there or preview Pretty Eight Machine below:

8 thoughts on “Chiptune NIN Album, ‘Pretty Eight Machine’, Coming On Vinyl

  1. can’t help thinking how perfect it would sound with Reznor’s actual vocal impulses vocoded into the lead synth lines (8bit compressing the result for good measure)

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