Make Noise Strega Synthesizer In Depth Demo

In his latest video, synthesist Hainbach takes on in-depth look at the new Make Noise Strega synthesizer.

Strega has the same form factor as the 0-COAST and 0-CTRL. It was designed to be controlled by the 0-CTRL or the 0-COAST’s MIDI CV B outputs. It can be used as a synth, as a control signal generator or to process external sounds. It can also be integrated with Eurorack modules.

Topics covered:

00:00? Intro
01:14? Sounds
07:34? Ambient Strega on tape
08:52? Strega with 0-Ctrl and 0-Coast
11:35? Strega processing instruments
15:23? Strega in a track
18:18? Five Phasers
19:13? What is Strega?
20:31? Looking at the functions
30:34? Comparing Strega to other instruments
32:45? My opinions on Strega

Note: Make Noise sponsored the video, so it’s not a review, but more of an official intro to the Strega, along with Hainbach’s take on the its sonic capabilities.

11 thoughts on “Make Noise Strega Synthesizer In Depth Demo

  1. i don’t get the “over-priced” concerns tbh. so much eurorack stuff is so farty-noodly anyway, and significantly more expensive at that for a comparable system. it’s totally fine to move on from this device as too niche and not suitable for your own workflow and sound palette, but it’s just silly to discount it as pure hype and noise. it’s a clever, thorough, very intentional work of design with a (maybe *too*?) specific musical sensibility – whether you like it for yourself or not lol.

  2. I feel like I am missing the point.
    Listing to the sounds, if none of your synths have a lfo, by all means, get a Strega.
    But if they do, what can this unit do beyond that?

  3. this demo is bad!
    for me the most interesting thing is that you can process any external (mono) sound in real time like a super modular FX pedal. very cool for noise/sound artist. i will pre-order a unit.

      1. hard to say, the Strega looks more intuitive with touch pads and without menu diving. but yes, the Typhon is a fantastic portable synth, but very different. the price is subjective for a timeproof device.

  4. Ahahaha. Whelp, it’s official, we’ve reached peak ridiculous with this overpriced fart-processor. The panel is just oh so intuitive. Sorry, can’t stop laughing…

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