GameSynth 2021 Delivers New Tools For Procedural Audio Synthesis

Tsugi Studio has released GameSynth 2021, the latest version of our procedural sound design tool.

They say that the new version bridges the gap between procedural audio and more traditional sound design, making procedural generation easier to use and more accessible.

GameSynth is designed to let you use procedural audio synthesis to create sound effects for game, animation, and movie production.

New features include:

  • 10 new synthesis modules for the Modular model, including Chaos, Sine Bank, Friction, Perlin Noise, Resonator and more (there are 120 synthesis modules in total now).
  • Access to a new Patch Repository, a huge collection of procedural audio patches (ideal to learn procedural techniques and get inspired)
  • Full UCS (Universal Category System) support across the tool for sound designers
  • Sketch Pad scripting to control your sounds with crazy curves
  • New features and UX improvements in the Modular
  • A new Help Center with access to all docs, videos, blogs from within the tool

Pricing and Availability

Gamesynth 2021 is available with an intro price of $270 USD (normally $390) through March 15th. The update is free for current users.

8 thoughts on “GameSynth 2021 Delivers New Tools For Procedural Audio Synthesis

  1. I have their DSP Motion and it’s outstanding, truly awesome, extremely useful! Yet, it’s a tiny pathetic thing compared to this one. Wish these guys the best and wish I could afford this one.

  2. If you are into sound design, this tool is so unique and packed with features that it is a no-brainer really. And it’s pretty cheap compared to what you would have to pay in plug-ins to get just half the features. The only annoyance in the previous version was the GUI in their Modular synth, but the new version is a breeze to work with.

  3. Fantastic piece of software. Too bad they don’t have a mac version yet, but on Windows, nothing comes even close, especially at this price.

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