What Eurorack Modules Do You Need To Talk To Aliens?

Epic Pictures Group has released the trailer for Doors, a new science fiction movie, scheduled for release March 23rd, 2021.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

“Without warning, millions of mysterious alien “doors” suddenly appear around the globe. In a rush to determine the reason for their arrival, mankind must work together to understand the purpose of these cosmic anomalies. Bizarre incidences occurring around the sentient doors leads humanity to question their own existence and an altered reality as they attempt to enter them.”

From the first few seconds of the trailer, embedded above, it appears that the filmmakers are following the time-honored tradition of repurposing electronic music gear as ‘high-tech’ future stuff. Check out the system being used to communicate with aliens:

This raises the question: What Eurorack modules do you need to be able to communicate with aliens?

Check out the trailer and the screen capture above, and let us know what modules you recognize! And, if any readers have any background on what’s going on here – in the movie or in the making of this scene – leave a comment!

28 thoughts on “What Eurorack Modules Do You Need To Talk To Aliens?

    1. The actor using it is Kyp Malone from the band TV on the Radio, who got into eurorack at some point and uses it with Bent Arcana. It might be his own rig.

  1. Talk to R2D2 and ET all off of one Eurorack setup….guess we’ll need a few big radio satellite dishes…like Goldstone….for collection, and brainiac folks to run that show….and this could feed into the Eurorack system….easy peasy!!! Where’s the ‘fund me’ setup?

  2. Mostly Make Noise stuuf by the looks of it

    Top: Telharmonic, Mysteron, Function, MMG, Rossum Morpheus, Qu-bit Nanorand V2, ???, ???

    Bottom: Power supply , Pittsburgh Lifeforms, STO, Function, Mutable Rings, ???, ???, Erbeverb

    1. Right, ARP all the way! And Behringer will be used to talk to devils.

      (Actually, if they have the means to get here, and they care about us enough not to kill us immediately, then they’ll be speaking Earth languages to us. There won’t be a language barrier, because we’ve been broadcasting out language out for a bit over a century.)

  3. Aliens would be from a very different physical & biological environment and prone to hear in a different manner than we do. Then there would be the cultural collision about what constitutes music or speech proper in the first place. Most likely, we’ll get a smart-probe in low earth orbit for a while, but if its from a silicon-based civilization, we should talk to it in ASCII only. They’ll leave rather than invading, seeing us as idiots.


  4. If an alien lifeform would come here they must be way over our level of what we are able to do or think of,
    so why come here to watch us primitiv ants?
    Certainly they won’t be impressed by little analog boxes with low voltage ^^

    1. Yes, they will come here when we can play the 9th Symphony using gravity waves across the galaxy. Although, we humans do visit the zoo to see gorillas play with an old tire.

  5. You’d better hope the aliens are not just coming out of a terrible war in which modular synthesizers tried to take over their world. But, really, you should read Roadside Picnic before you get any idea that non-Earth beings would even care about us.

  6. Has anyone noticed the other musical props? Daft Punk helmets! They look exactly the same but in white. Also, perhaps the aliens are more akin to Rick & Morty gameshow aliens and each door leads to a stage with four chairs facing backwards…

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