50 Custom Patches For The Moog Subharmonicon

Anton Anru has released «Undertones», a collection of 50 patches for the Moog Subharmonicon.

The sound library is supplied as a combination of downloadable illustrations and patch notes, since the Subharmonicon does not have memory and is patchable. Each patch contains notes that explain how the patch works, what parameters are worth tweaking during playback and how to develop the timbre to get new sound.

Anru notes, “If you make all the settings consciously and try the things mentioned in the notes, you will learn lots of things about the synth and discover its true depth.”

The patches include chords, sequences, basses, leads, plucks, drones, percussion and effects. Here’s the official audio demo:

Video timings:

00:00 Happy With Clave
01:11 Deep Stab
02:39 Attack Matters
03:49 Pumping
04:45 Tropics
05:01 Noisy Company
05:17 Super Bass
05:49 Noise Oscillator
06:27 Echoes
06:47 Mod Insanity
07:08 Stay Detuned
07:46 Under Water
09:09 Accidents
10:24 Low State
10:39 Shifting Accents
10:55 Ratchets
11:12 Progressive Chords
11:30 Electro Perc
12:18 Chiptune
12:51 Duality
14:01 Analog Clap
15:14 All Four Notes
16:59 Muddy Tones
17:53 FM Frenzy
19:00 Four Times Faster
19:59 Tempo Breaker
21:10 Massive Bass
22:26 Conquerer
23:53 Tough Rave
25:02 Guitar Riff
25:22 Chord Generator
25:32 Sublime
25:51 Rupture
26:17 Doppler’s Car
26:39 Accelerator
26:57 Huge Lead
27:17 Double D
27:33 Bandpass
27:50 Screams
28:10 Analog Drone

Pricing and Availability

«Undertones» is available now for $24.95 USD.

5 thoughts on “50 Custom Patches For The Moog Subharmonicon

  1. this synth looks great , I do hope that moog work on a new line of eurorack in a smaller form tho. like a 30-40 hp single voice with noise. 🙂

  2. moog puts out the blanks and this guy just did the illustrations. lisa bella donna has a book of presets like this for the grandmother.

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