Daft Punk Splits

Iconic electronic duo Daft Punk has split, their publicist has officially confirmed.

Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) announced the split by sharing a short video, entitled Epilogue, embedded above.

In Daft Punk’s nearly 30 year run, they had hits with songs like Around The World, One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster Stronger; appeared in and scored the film Tron: Legacy; and won Grammy Awards for Best Dance/Electronic Album, Record Of The Year and Album Of The Year.

No additional information has been shared at this time.

50 thoughts on “Daft Punk Splits

  1. Eh, he went out with a bang. Now, how long did he have a self-destruct on his back, and does the other have one, too? (No, I’ve never paid attention to Daft Punk.)

    1. “The best comments about the split ..”

      Comments? There are no comments there, it’s just a reminder at the end:
      “The Associated Press contributed to this report.”

  2. Their influence is unmistakable, and whilst my own taste preferences differ, they have some songs that I found rather enjoyable and others I could not tolerate. They are a talented duo and this was one of the more moving and inspired and seemingly amicable partings we have seen.

    I wish them well.

    1. My take is that they always dared to do something different with house music, which led to some really bright, unique sounding, impactful tracks and some truly cheesy, terrible stuff.

        1. Wrong! Erasure (1985 to Present) has been together since its founding member Vince Clarke found Andy Bell! Prior to that Vince Clarke was a founding member of Depeche Mode and Yaz.

            1. That is a daft argument, Guy-Manuel de Homem and Christo Thomas Bangalter both had ‘careers’ prior to Daft Punk, yet they were not as accomplished nor were they famous.

      1. Ernie & Bert doesn’t count. Although it is not widely known and has been suppressed in the media by PBS, the original Bert left the show over a decade ago due to a contract dispute. The “Bert” that is now with Ernie is a replacement that had plastic surgery to look like the original Bert. True story.

        In another sad story, Shaggy & Scooby Doo had a falling out long ago. They don’t even talk with each other. Velma has tried many times over the years to get the two of them to reconcile, but they just won’t do it.

      2. Do not forget Del and Rodney! The grandad and uncle were like the unaccredited drummer. Boycie, Trig, Denzel, and Mike were only session players.

  3. Their follow-ups were good but “Homework” is still my favorite. “Daft Punk Unchained” was a pretty good documentary on them.

    1. Well, I don’t know about more. If read literally, it was silver’s decision to leave while gold continued. Beyond that, one went out with a bang and the other rode off into the sunset.

      What a wonderful artsy fun way to end a project.

  4. Homework was one of the first CDs I ever bought.
    I can’t tell you how many 100 times I have listened to it all the way through.
    Teachers is one of my favorites.

    Will miss these guys!

    1. Same here, that was my reading. I expected them to detonate each other, but when one guy was walking too slow and could not continue the journey, he requested an honorable ending (robotic seppuku style), while the other guy continues walking off into the sunset (but with some distance to go).

  5. i never liked these guys except for their soundtrack stuff

    i also never understood why they were such industry darlings… but i always suspected the robot/helmet fashion aesthetic was a huge part of it

    1. “i also never understood why they were such industry darlings… but i always suspected the robot/helmet fashion aesthetic was a huge part of it”

      Each of their albums is ace and was Grammy nominated. To do that over a 28 year run is amazing.

      Listen to their albums analytically and you’ll also hear fantastic production work behind the catchy grooves.

      Their robot concept builds on what Kraftwerk did and was brilliantly done. Obviously, this made them unique and memorable – but this only works if the music and production deliver. There are tons of bands with funny costumes, but the music doesn’t deliver.

      1. Justin Beiber is a grammy winner, as well as a nominee

        so “grammy nominated” doesnt mean shit to me – other than the obvious signal of mainstream attention, industry whoring, etc. etc. etc.

        musically, technically, compositionally – they dont do anything for me… if you dig it, rock on dude – have fun

        1. So what don’t you understand about them being industry darlings? The industry is about sales and Grammy’s. These guys were very popular and liked by many people. That is the foundation of any industry.

  6. Wasn’t a big fan of their material but they were a very big influence on music. I wish each member success in their future endeavors !!

  7. What a wonderful artsy fun way to end a project.

    It’s cool that it looks like they ended on amicable terms, even still collaborating on they’re we’re finished vid.

    I was worried for a second they were going to take their helmets off. Glad they didn’t.

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