Superbooth 2021 Postponed To September

Superbooth 2021 organizers let us know that, because of pandemic realities, they have made the decision to delay this year’s event to September 15-18, 2021.

“Even the greatest optimists must slowly acknowledge that the world will not be ready for larger, international gatherings in nine weeks now,” says founder HerrSchneider. “That’s why we’ve decided to move Superbooth21 to September.”

Superbooth21 has been delayed to Fall.

Organizers note that, due to pandemic restrictions, larger manufacturers have decided to postpone participation until 2022, and many oversees exhibitors will not be able to participate.

Due to the safety restrictions, exhibition floors within the building will be reduced and they say that they may not be able to fulfill all ticket requests. Organizers of the event say that they are hoping to open new areas and stations, where you can explore exhibitors, concerts and presentations outdoors.

6 thoughts on “Superbooth 2021 Postponed To September

  1. Sign of the times! Best to those organizers and other folks trying to get this done! Best for all to be patient and safe right now!

  2. I wish these guys the best, because Schneider seems like a great guy and Superbooth is the best synth trade fair in the world. But it just seems overly optimistic to plan a large, international event even in the Fall.

    It seems like only a very scaled down event will be possible this year. Certainly no one from the US will make plans months in advance to participate.

    I do hope, though, that when Superbooth22 rolls around that they do expand with more outdoor activities. It would be cool if they could do something with the FEZ’s train!

    1. Actually, in the US, we are expecting to be vaccinated well before then. Obviously, there are known and unknown unknowns about the virus, but at this point planning a trip to Europe in September does not seem unreasonable.

      1. Things are getting better, but we still have about 2,000 people dying a day from Covid.

        Half the country is defying CDC recommendations. Covid cases are rising in Republican areas of the country, because the leaders have been fighting CDC recommendations, and also in many densely populated cities.

        It’s really optimistic to think that things will be back to normal in time for individuals, let alone manufactures, to know that they’ll be able to make an international trip without having to do quarantine.

        The government now says that they’ll have enough vaccine for everybody by the end of May. Best case scenario, though, people that believe in science will be getting their 2nd dose of vaccine by mid-July. Covid will still be simmering and mutating among all the people that were brainwashed by Trump and the right wing media, though.

        What a cluster fuck politicizing science and medicine has made in the US.

        1. Actually right now there have been rates dropping in a lot of states both Blue and Red:

          Top 3 states by 7-day infection rate per capita today are Blue. Top 10 are 60% Blue 40% Red. It does not appear to be a political pattern nor related to prevalence of mask mandates or use. Which is quite surprising since studies in a couple states that had per-county mask rules found that mask counties had much lower rates than non-mask counties. Maybe the current numbers have to do with differences in counting, differences in testing, different vaccination protocols, prevalence of mutant strains, etc.

  3. If the EU and Germany can get their sh*t together regarding vaccinations, this might work. Without the bigger distributors, it might even give some of the smaller, boutique producers a little more attention, which would be great. I’ve always enjoyed chatting with and seeing what the smaller companies have as much or more than the bigger firms’ booths (ie Korg, Roland, etc). I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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