What Would Jexus Do? (Arturia MatrixBrute Edition)

If you’ve ever looked an Arturia MatrixBrute synthesizer and wondered “What Would Jexus Do?”, this video has got you covered.

Sound designer Jexus / WC Olo Garb gives the MatrixBrute a workout, demonstrating a wide range of custom sounds.

“I’m a fan of everything gnarly, dirty, organic, wonky & unstable (because I want music to sound that way too). And the Matrixbrute timbre is all of that,” notes Jexus. “It’s almost acoustic – it reminds me of the way the soviet Polivoks behaved. It’s the most alive timbre I’ve heard in a decade, and for me that one characteristic places the Matrixbrute among the best modern synths.”

Sounds and timings:

0:00 dawless & clueless
0:45 gentlepeople
1:07 this is duo-split
1:36 they mess with my brain
2:04 stand still or give organs
2:28 suburban urbanite
2:43 arpeggiator walkthrough
3:07 save (by buying more)
3:22 sometimes i wish i was a monk
3:43 a famous song recreated
3:59 a famous song deconstructed
4:12 dirty! loathsome! oily! scrotum!
4:23 the last famous song recreation
4:40 i’m afraid of the endtimes
5:03 he didn’t want to wear a mask
5:28 click like if u like this content
5:49 joseph conrad
6:11 gorelink
6:59 long & fruitless hunt for arapaima
7:35 count me out
7:55 which side of the zoo are we on
8:15 the amazing self-ratcheting bass
8:27 hijaz kar
8:49 miriwoong comb woorlang
9:17 they’re here
9:53 deepstate
10:20 most iconic aerophone riff
10:37 sound design
11:06 weird side of things
11:37 bonus track

Pricing and Availability

The Jexus MatrixBrute sound library is available now for € 24,00.

6 thoughts on “What Would Jexus Do? (Arturia MatrixBrute Edition)

  1. His video work is creatively creepy, but his sound demos turn over every rock other people miss. They show you what the usual arps and string mutants are like. Then Jexus gives you a bite of the mushroom and you get a Willy-Wonka trip through the synth’s deepest layers. A mad-times champion for mad synth sounds.

  2. Jexus has a proclivity toward certain sounds regardless of the instrument. Some are familiar here from previous videos.

  3. You can get the same type of gnarly and almost acoustic-type sound from a microbrute. It’s either love/hate for nearly anyone coming across it.

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