Elektron Machinedrum Gets Unofficial Firmware Update

Cenk Sayinli (aka Mr. Dataline) shared the news that an unofficial Machinedrum x.04 firmware has been released:

“Featuring TONAL pitch control, new LFO shapes, new GND machines (saw, square, noise), trig preview, multiple track trig n more! Turns MD into a LYRA8 type machine in my perspective… Massive!

Many thanks to JustinValer & V-Yadli for their hard work, which goes beyond machine’s design.”

He shared the news via his Instagram with an quick demo of some of the new features:

Here’s a demo of the firmware, via Meska:

The firmware update, created by Yatao Li and Justin Valer, is the first for the Machinedrum since 2012. Details are available at the Elektronauts site.

If any readers have tried the unofficial firmware, shared your experience with it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Elektron Machinedrum Gets Unofficial Firmware Update

  1. Wow. With the new features, I’m really tempted to install this. Stunning work. Although I hven’t found it in the changelog, perhaps this also fixes the issue where SPP is not passed on to the output when syncing to MIDI beat clock.

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