Psychedelic Electronic Pioneers Intersystems Back After 50+ Year Hiatus

Waveshaper Media (I Dream Of Wires) has announced a new full-length album from Toronto’s pioneering psychedelic multimedia collective, Intersystems, after a hiatus of more than 50 years.

Coming out in April, Intersystems #IV features the group’s first new material since 1968.

Five decades after their “final” album Free Psychedelic Poster Inside, Intersystems founding members John Mills-Cockell and Michael Hayden decided to revive the long-dormant project. They say that “the resultant music remains remarkably congruent with the project’s original impulse, yet irrefutably of the present moment”.

The original Intersystems’ incarnation’s featured poet/lyricist/vocalist Blake Parker, who died in 2007. With the new release, Parker’s words are rendered electronically, bringing what the group calls “a glossy dystopian veneer to the group’s anxious surrealism”.

Waveshaper’s 2019 interview with the surviving members gives an introduction to their work, and insight into their thoughts on making new music:

You can preview Intersystems #IV below or via Bandcamp, where it is available for pre-order:

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