Eventide Announces Standalone MicroPitch Delay Pedal

Eventide Audio has introduced the MicroPitch Delay, a dedicated hardware implementation of the MicroPitch Delay in the H910 and H949 effects processors.

The effect offers a unique combination of dual pitch-shifters with fine-resolution detuning, delay and modulation, including new positive envelope and negative envelope modulation sources. They say this makes it useful for a wide range of applications, ranging from subtle tone thickening to creating a rich stereo spread to creative sound design special effects.

EA says the MicroPitch Delay pedal is not just for guitars, but works well with vocals, keyboards, drums, and more.


  • Users can choose from dozens of Eventide presets to load via MIDI, which are also accessible in the preset list on the Eventide Device Manager (EDM – a Windows or Mac OS X application for software updates, system settings and creating/saving presets).
  • The pedal can store up to 127 presets in memory, with five presets loaded for access from a latching/momentary dual-action Active Footswitch, with a Catch-up mode to help players dial in their sound when toggling between presets/parameters.
  • A single Aux switch can be deployed to Tap Tempo, or a triple Aux switch can be used for easy preset changing (up/down/load).
  • The MicroPitch Delay Pedal offers multiple Bypass options: Buffered, Relay, DSP+FX or Kill dry.
  • MIDI capability is available over TRS (for use with a MIDI to TRS cable or converter box) or USB.
  • The rear-panel Guitar/Line Level switch allows level-matching with guitars, synths, FX loops or DAW interfaces. Any combination of MicroPitch Delay parameters can be mapped to an Expression pedal.

Pricing and Availability

The MicroPitch Delay pedal is available now for $279.

3 thoughts on “Eventide Announces Standalone MicroPitch Delay Pedal

  1. The endless recycling of h3000 algorithms in hard and soft format , by eventide
    good thing I kept my h3000 dse and eclipse

  2. Yea, wiretweaker, I don’t get it either– especially this one.

    I think the H9 makes a some sense, even if it is just one FX at a time. If Eventide would make a multi-effect floor unit for guitar/bass/keys, that would be cool. Take their relatively high-end approach and make it more versatile–as multi-fx. But perhaps that market is pretty soaked from Line6, Boss, Axe-FX and others

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