Sound Synthesis With Fractals

This video, via CodeParade, explores sound synthesis with fractals.

“Making music and sound effects directly from common fractals was an idea I though of one night, so I just had to try it out to see what it would be like.

The results were really interesting and actually helped me understand even more about fractals and chaos.”

Check it out and share your thoughts on this approach in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Sound Synthesis With Fractals

  1. This is pretty cool (yes, I do like it) but hardly new. Steinberg did something similar on the Atari back in the 1980’s with their Avalon sample editing and synthesis program. In that program, there was the capability of generating a waveform using “Fractal Synthesis”, which mapped an interactive portion of the Mandelbrot Set onto an X/Y grid in order to generate the harmonics for a waveform.

    Of course, that fractally-generated waveform could then be routed through a configurable modular network of filters, cross-modulators, envelopes, and effects. Then end-result was meant to be saved and transferred for playback into one of the common samplers of the day, like the Emu Emax, Prophet 2xxx, or Akai S-series samplers.

    Not too bad for ~1987… ;^)

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