Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice Hands-On Demo

Berlin synth store Schneidersladen shared this video demo of the Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice, a all-in-one synth voice in Eurorack format. 

The Deckard’s Voice module is based on the same design as the Deckard’s Dream polyphonic synthesizer, which itself is inspired by the legendary Yamaha CS80. And, while it is a single voice, it retains much of the classic CS80 sound, while introducing patchability.

See the Black Corporation site for details.

8 thoughts on “Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice Hands-On Demo

    1. It does sound fantastic. For a module like this, I wish they would have added another 8HP and put in 1/4″ jacks. This is a module that could stand on its on.

      Totally agree with you Gescom. To even see Vimeo one must unblock all of these trackers and give up their privacy. Large parts of the net are now unuseable for me as I have nearly all of the social media junk blocked.

      There is joy to behold however, plenty of excellent online resources that do not have any of this stuff.

      And again, this module is a masterpiece. I guess if I got one I could book end it with my own 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapters.

        1. there is nothing about race in my comment.

          i remember you, you are the guy who always defend you know who and trash others and the moderator asked you to stop commenting with multiple user name under the same ip address

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