New iOS App, LoopBud, Lets You Record & Loop MIDI

Developer Cem Olcay has introduced LoopBud, a new MIDI Recorder & looper app for iOS.

LoopBud is designed to be simple, but powerful, letting you work with unlimited patterns, with an unlimited number of bars in each pattern.

The App has two record modes, Add mode and New mode:

  • The “add mode” keeps adding new notes on each loop-cycle.
  • The “new mode” clears out the previous recording and lets you record freshly on each cycle.

Once you’ve recorded a loop, you can choose to quantize it (by default) or toggle quantizing off. You can also set the level of quantization from the settings menu.

Note: LoopBud is not an audio app, it’s a MIDI app. You need to connect a MIDI input and a MIDI output for LoopBud to work. You can run it standalone, or as an Audio Unit plugin with AUv3 host apps, like AUM, Cubase, BeatMaker, apeMatrix and NanoStudio.

Pricing and Availability

LoopBud is available now for $4.99.

5 thoughts on “New iOS App, LoopBud, Lets You Record & Loop MIDI

  1. I am interested in this app, but the video does more harm than good. 50 minutes long. I watched for 10 minutes before I gave up. He probably turned the quantize on and off fifteen times during that period. Didn’t sound like he prepared an interesting demo song to show the capabilities. Left more questions unanswered than answered. Too bad, cause it’s probably a decent app

    1. I haven’t looked at the video, but note that it was made by Doug from The Sound Test Room channel on YouTube i.e. you should probably consider it a more verbose example of a third party test/review rather than as an actual ad clip for the SW.

  2. Cem Olcay has made some interesting useful MIDI tools for iOS. (Credit where credit is due). He updates things pretty regularly. They have a nice balance of simplicity and flexibility. There were some odd chord choices in his ChordBud app, but it is still quite useful.

    It’s unfortunate for him that this app’s release is so close to Atom 2. It’s not apples-to-apples. I expect LoopBud will be quicker and easier to grasp and use. Atom 2 is a massively feature-packed MIDI piano roll plugin– which appears to have quite a few more functions & features (for more $$).

    For people wanting a quicker, simpler approach, I think LoopBud is a reasonable and affordable choice. If you are intrigued by much more experimental tempo, rhythm and scale options– Atom 2 is worth a looky.

    1. Interesting, I had missed Atom 2, thanks for sharing. Having not looked at either of them in detail yet, I wonder though how much of a factor the price of a plugin is here and when people would/should stretch to e.g. Cubasis? (or go back to GarageBand even?). Or is the real lure here really also about an AUv3/AUM driven workflow?

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