New Sounds For The Sequential Prophet 6

Sound designer Boštjan Grubar let us know that he’s released Wolf Pack, collection of new presets for the Sequential Prophet 6.

“It’s the biggest single release of Prophet 6 presets since first official Sequential factory release,” notes Grubar.

Wolf Pack is being released as four packs of 100 presets each. The presets include pads, synth strings, brasses, electric pianos, leads, organs, basses, soundscapes and more.

You can preview the patches via the videos embedded above.

Pricing and Availability

The Wolf Pack sound libraries are available now, with each pack of 100 presets priced at 16 €.


7 thoughts on “New Sounds For The Sequential Prophet 6

    1. Sure. Creating patches takes lots of time, and presets can often be educational and serve as starting points for new patches. Very cool.

  1. Presets are useful for players and sound designers of all levels. For beginners, they can provide a pool of inspiration, demonstrations of what a particular synthesizer is capable of, and a source of study if one is interested in learning how a specific sound is created. For professionals, presets can serve as a quick working tool to get things going in production, and often provide a handy starting off point from which one can adjust settings to suit the song.

    No shame in using presets. In fact, if used lovingly, with curiosity and an attentive ear, using presets will only bring great joy and honor!

  2. I think you learn through sound creation .That is learning the instrument. I remember patch templates.
    On my Jan sx1000.I do think a synth like that and someone is selling patches seems comedic .

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