Sassy, The Audio Spreadsheet, Is Like Excel But With Cooler Functions

Developer Jari Komppa let us know that version 1.0 of Sassy, a new software modular synthesizer for Windows, is now available.

Komppa describes Sassy as ‘The Audio Spreadsheet’, because it’s a spreadsheet. You can add values to cells, and ask it to average a range.

But it’s also a synthesizer. You can ask it to generate a sine wave based on time, and output it through your speakers. Add an ADSR envelope, modulate the frequency based on MIDI input note, put in some filters and then it becomes a playable instrument.

Since the original beta, Sassy has gained over 100 functions, including area functions (which can be used for sequencing, for instance), new waveform generators, various new filters including reverb, JIT execution engine, MIDI outputs, audio inputs, spreadsheet style copy and paste with variable offsets, value baking, optionally displaying values as notes and more.

Pricing and Availability

Sassy is available for Windows with “pay what you want” pricing.

If you’ve used Sassy, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Sassy, The Audio Spreadsheet, Is Like Excel But With Cooler Functions

  1. This looks like so much fun!
    too bad its Windows only, but I guess that was to be expected given the aesthetique.

  2. It doesn’t remind me of Excel, it reminds me of MXXX instead 😛
    Really really cool software. I’m always darkening the cells in Excel, here they’re already dark and it looks gorgeous.
    Gonna check it out tomorrow. The features are seducing me.
    Well done with the very original idea.

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