2hp No Pass Filter Promises To Put An End To Boring Synth Jams

2hp has introduced a new module, the NPF No Pass Filter, that promises to put an end to boring synth jams.

The 2hp No Pass Filter is an all-analog, infinite dB slope passive filter that’s designed to pull the tones you love out of your patch.


  • Infinite dB slope passive filter
  • All analog topology
  • Great for ambient music

They note, “Yes, this product is a joke, and yes it is actually for sale, today only!”

Pricing and Availability

The 2hp No Pass Filter is being made available for $20 for one day only.

30 thoughts on “2hp No Pass Filter Promises To Put An End To Boring Synth Jams

  1. They will make a bunch of money on these. 2HP blank, 3-5 bucks. The joke, 10 bucks. the novelty, 5 bucks. Well worth it.

  2. This would likely to improve the the quality of many modular jams. Next, how about a patch cable insert and removable pop emulator. Or a this new no pass filter with a random feature. Having your audio or voltage sound randomly cut out. Sounds amazing

  3. I need one of these for my TV.
    I’m wearing out the Mute button lately and the news always kicks the noise gate’s ass.

  4. Imagine if instead of April Fool’s jokes they upped the QC and design engineering a bit. The circuit boards are seriously flimsy on every one I have ever seen. Totally turned off by the lack of quality.

  5. Maybe it’s the pandemic or just that I’m getting older, but I feel like the 4/1 gear “jokes” have gotten really dull. Also there’s already an infinite supply of crap destined for the landfill on bezos mart, why contribute to it?

    1. Sadly, my now-ancient Sony HDD TV recorder has reached that stage. Fourteen years old and the drive is like an arthritic pensioner.

  6. They should award these modules to politicians who have a record of just blocking progress, and then collect their checks and health benefits on the backs of all Americans! Encase the module in glass n put it on a throne of bronze. The ‘NPF’ ‘No Pass F…’ award. How fitting!

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