Sound Art Paradox May Or May Not Be An Elaborate Prank

Luftrum Sound Design has announced The Sound Art Paradox, a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) being made available via an auction.

The sound is 1 second long, formatted as a 24bit 96kHz .wav file, created by sound designer Luftrum,

Here’s what Luftrum has to say about it:

“Discerning eyes may cast skepticism on the date of creation – April 1st. This is done by design, in order to provoke the following question: Is this an April Fool’s joke?

Keen explorers of quantum physics will recall the paradox in Schrödinger’s Cat, as this might or might not be an elaborate prank, and at the same time it will be both, and exist simultaneously in both states.

Should judicious observation reveal the truth, the paradox collapses and manifests itself into a single state. However, as any sage philosopher is bound to muse, the truth itself is not for sale, but a journey into the sound might or might not resolve it.”

Details on The Sound Art Paradox are available at the Luftrum site.

8 thoughts on “Sound Art Paradox May Or May Not Be An Elaborate Prank

  1. NFT is the worst thing ever invented. It exists only because a few rich people needs to show off they can buy unique digital files that have absolutely no need to be unique. Selling a 1 second sound file as an NFT isn’t a social, economic or politic comment, even not a prank, it’s playing the same game.
    “Never before has such an audacious paradox been available to the bidding public”.
    Let me laugh.

    1. It’s worse than that.

      A non-fungible token is exactly that, just the “token” part. It’s not the actual “item” itself, it’s a reference to that item, which may or may not exist later. Basically, when an NFT is the “” part, and not the actual web page itself.

      What is being sold is not the sound file, but a link to it.

      No, I don’t understand the attraction. It’s worse than Bitcoin.

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