Live Modular Performance From Martin Peters – Prolongation

Sunday Synth Jam: Dutch synthesist Martin Peters shared this live performance, Prolongation.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

“This music took some days to develop. I wanted to make it somewhat more interesting using chord changes. It starts with a sequence with a voice containing the OSC HRM and the Krisp1 TZ Oscillators. Then the self built Modular comes in with a sequence which has random ratcheting.

After that a voice from the DSI Mopho is heard. Then the Tom Oberheim SEM and the Expert Sleepers Disting are introduced which both play the same sequence. After that the Rings delivers some pluckiness. A string sound from the JD-800 is added and then the Bass from the Modular comes in.

A sequence on the Moog Prodigy is started and a phrase on the Korg ARP Odyssey is played. All these instruments are sequenced by the Cirklon. After a while I play the chords on the Polymoog and a solo on the Minimoog.

The music is recorded live to multi-track and mixed afterwards in Studio One. Only tracks from the live recording are used.”

4 thoughts on “Live Modular Performance From Martin Peters – Prolongation

  1. Peters presents a softer version of the Berlin school that’s somewhere between cloudy ambient and more EDM-style step-sequencer percolation. I like the fact that he has a healthy rig, but its not up to the ceiling. He has just the right spread of it for his work, which is excellent. I’m a fan.

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