Erica Synths Intros Black System III Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Erica Synths has introduced the Black System III, a self-contained, performance-oriented modular system based around their line of Black Series Eurorack modules.

The Black System III comes in an Erica Synths 2x84HP skiff case (universal PSU included), with 30 patch cables of different lengths.

The Black System III includes:

Black Wavetable VCO
2xBlack VCO2
Black Multimode VCF
Black LPG
Black EG
(2) Black Quad VCA2 (no such thing as too many VCAs)
Black Stereo Delay
Black Output
Black Joystick2
Black Modulator
Black Mixer/Splitter
Black Hole DSP2
Black CV Tools
Black Sequencer
2x84HP skiff case

Pricing and Availability

The Black System III is available now, priced at €3,800.

19 thoughts on “Erica Synths Intros Black System III Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

    1. I hate to be a spoilsport, but I broadly agree with this. The Erica Synths devices are certainly pretty and high quality, but in terms of yielding something genuinely unique that can’t be achieved effectively by other, cheaper means? i just don’t see it. I see the magic of certain systems with idiosyncratic, comprehensive approaches (ie, make noise shared system, weirder application of mutable modules, endorphines systems), but erica synths always misses the mark in the price-output-character consideration (for me).

      1. The microFreak is a great piece of kit for the price, but if you can’t think of things you could do with this that would be impossible on the microFreak, you just don’t much about synthesis yet.

        1. 95% of what you want to do for 1/10th the price will work for most people. Some people have the money for this and the desire to tweak further, it’s definitely a niche product.

          1. It’s only 95% of what you want to do if all you want to do is make fart noises.

            These are completely different pieces of gear and suggesting that they are interchangeable is just advertising a lack of experience with synthesis.

            Modular synths, in general, are a niche product in a niche market, so that’s not a valid criticism of this system.

            1. yeah but that’s why I referenced other systems and manufacturers, which i think are genuine value and utility added. my point isn’t that this isn’t capable, just that it’s financial and knobby overkill for a sound palette that’s already relatively readily achievable. To your credit, some of this is workflow/knowledge/expectations – this just doesn’t appeal to me at all (certainly for the pricepoint) when compared to other systems or synths. strikes me as modular for modular’s sake.

            2. You’re going to have to make up your mind, it’s either a “great piece of kit” or “only good for fart noises.”

  1. it’s good to think/dream the micro freak could do 95% a black system can do , but it doesn’t even have a simple delay lol

  2. $4500 US. No way! I am guessing these systems are more for marketing than things actually for sale. Their whole ecosystem is like a restaurant with too many items that change on a monthly basis.

    1. what does “marketing” mean here lol. i agree the price point is wildly high, but honestly, their modules are all rock-solid, pushing-premium grade basic utilitarian euro stuff that all holds its own. not sure that that’s an inherent problem with their ecosystem tbh.

  3. I always will prefer hardware over VST. I have an arturia keylab keyboard and software at a laptop but i prefer my hardware synthesizers.
    I don’t think i will ever start with an eurorack but this rack looks and sounds super tasty for stereo fart sounds…kidding…

  4. Maybe your wife didnt want you to start with an expensive eurorack for years. Since you couldnt go at vacation last and this year (because covid19) maybe you can say…if u allow me to buy this rack i wont add anything anymore for years..and…u wont hear me whine anymore about it….perhaps she is ok with it.

    1. buddy, i think there’s more y’all need to work on in your relationship than just some goof synthesizer purchases if yer taking this to a synthnerd comments section…….

  5. I wonder do the people complaining about price have ANY eurorack in their collections? I’ve got a 6u rackbrute maybe 2/3 full and i’m well over $3500 in this hobby. I will easily cross $4500 filling it. Erica prices are actually on the low-mid end of the eurorack spectrum.

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