Analogue Solutions Intros Leipzig v3 Advanced Analog Synthesizer

British boutique synth maker Analogue Solutions let us know that the Leipzig v3, a new desktop analog synth that updates its discontinued rack-mountable Leipzig-S analog synth/sequencer, is now available.

Leipzig v3 is inspired by classic 70’s synth designs, and offers extensive routing possibilities, a Moog-style filter, two VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators) and an analog step sequencer.


  • Analog voice and modulation circuitry.
  • Moog style transistor ladder filter – 24db/Octave 4 pole.
  • Two analog VCOs with individual Glide (portamento).
  • Sub-VCO for extra depth and power.
  • Osc Sync & Cross-Mod.
  • Option to overdrive the mixer and filter.
  • Extensive modulation routing possibilities.
  • Versatile analog CV step sequencer – with a variety of clocking options.
  • 16-step sequencer, with transpose feature.
  • The sequencer can be used as a modulation source.
  • Versatile CV patch bay.
  • Rugged steel/aluminum construction.
  • MIDI In for DAW/software sequencing.
  • Headphone output.

Pricing and Availability

Leipzig v3 is available now for £849.00, excluding Tax/VAT.

18 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Intros Leipzig v3 Advanced Analog Synthesizer

  1. not for me, but a really lovely looking bit of kit. with a sequencer jammed in there, it strikes me as a fierce EBM machine. attractive build

  2. This guy really like depeche mode, seems he very into modulate the filter with step sequencer and 90’s osc sync sounds on every demo 🙂
    I love that he didn’t use effects,
    Raw delights

  3. > Leipzig
    meh. not a good name. i would have chosen “schwarzenschnitzel” in order to interest people around the word. *facepalm* seriously, pr-wise they ruin a good product by chosing a silly name imo.

    1. What problem do you have with that city? Are you from the other half of Germany and would have preferred Hanover or Bonn?
      I don’t think that (apart from you) anyone cares about the name. At least not enough to not buy it based on that.

      1. > What problem do you have with that city?

        i like the antifa folks in that city. they are fighting against lots of neo-nazis who are living there also. east germany is an afd stronghold. so, yes i would have prefered a different name: dusseldorf, home of kraftwerk and propaganda (“a secret wish”).

        1. I really don’t see what your issue is with the name Leipzig. The city has it’s own rich culture of electronic music and it sounds much cooler than Dusseldorf. I don’t get why regional politics should affect the naming of a synthesizer but obviously you are entitled to your own opinion 🙂

        2. So basically it’s once again just about you and your narrow-mindedness. What are you even saying there about antifa and Neo-Nazis? You are likely to find that in each major German city, heck even in other countries, so what’s the point really?
          Leipzig was the “European city of the year” in 2019. It’s the home of “Wave-Gotik-Treffen” since 20 years. It’s the birthplace of Richard Wagner and ….. Till Lindemann (Rammstein).

          Anyway, we all know you wouldn’t buy that thing regardless of the name, because there is no display and it’s not a workstation.

          1. I don’t think I want to spend a thousand on a station at which I must work. I don’t work, I play synths. Where did that name come from? So… industry.

            1. Writing “lol” after a non-joke doesn’t make it funny, it just makes it look more stupid, since no one believes that you were actually laughing out loud while typing it. You probably just said “lol” to yourself.

              Anyway, I am sure we can blame Richard Wagner for Hitlers music taste, it’s not like he died years before Hitler was even a horny thought of his would-to-be parents.

              By your logic, everyone not eating meat is a Nazi because apparently Hitler was vegetarian. What about people who doesn’t smoke? Heck, what about people who breathe? Hitler did breathe until he died. He urinated too. What else do you want to take away from people because of him?

              Why are you so desperately trying to link Leipzig to Nazism? Analogue Solutions is a British company, I am sure they hate Nazis just like everyone else should.

  4. I’ve been feeling the gas for the v2 for quite some time, though I was wishing they had more patch points and control. I see this, and YES! they added what I wanted. But they took away rackmount. No room on my desktop. I haz a sad.

  5. Yeah, nice. It’s in Moog desktop boutiquey territory with its looks. If you buy one, I reckon you would use it a lot. 2 osc, monophonic but with a stack of modulation/routing options. If I get one I’ll use it on the desktop rather than as a module, it’s sort of got too much on it for modular (matter of taste)

  6. Analog Solutions – Big Pass – Impulse Command was nothing but a noise machine. Anytime a description says “Moog like”, I say, cool, I have Moog gear so I don’t need to spend more money. I’m sure Moog appreciates the compliments though.

  7. Analog Solutions. No thanks. Bought one direct from Tom and had nothing but trouble all of which I had to pay for to get it fixed when it should have been covered by the warranty. No, I’ll stick with companies like Sequential that have always been fantastic whenever I’ve had a problem.

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