OXI One Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

OXI Instruments has shared a series of video demos for their upcoming OXI One sequencer, a powerful step sequencer that features four independent sequencers, LFOs, arpeggiators, configurable CVs, randomization features and more.

Four modes are available per sequencer:

  • MULTI – 8 tracks with totally independent parameters: start-end steps, length, division, etc. Configurable MIDI outputs and scale note filtering.
  • CHORD – palette of chords types and voicings, with a dedicated chord menu.
  • POLY – up to 7 voices, 4 CC’s and plenty parameters per step.
  • MONO – Full control of a monophonic track, with complete visualization of the melody.


  • Full connectivity & battery powered
    • Use it as composition tool with your favourite DAW
    • Take control of your Modular rig: 8 Cvs and 8 Gates fully configurable, 1 modulation Cv input
    • Bluetooth to unlock wireless power. Control awesome apps in your tablet, smartphone or any other BLE MIDI device.
    • MIDI routing from/to USB, TRS, BLE and Cvs.
    • 5 Sync modes and dedicated Clock I/O
  • Powerful options
    • Store up to 15 projects with up to 16 patterns for all the sequencers
    • Live arranger with song view let’s you arrange and chain patterns visually
    • Performing keyboard with arpeggiator and chord triggering
    • UNDO function
    • Up to 128 steps per sequencer
  • Build
    • Compact dimensions: 36 x 14 cm
    • 1.5 cm thick
    • Premium anodized aluminium case and knobs
    • Bright OLED display
    • USB C port
  • Intelligent pattern randomizer
    • Humanization
    • Variation control
    • Density control
    • Scale and root randomization
  • Randomization Options
    • Velocity randomization
    • Octave randomization
    • Triggering probability
    • Retriggering (ratchets) randomization
  • Other Tools
    • Instant loop function
    • Extend, zoom, duplicate and move your patterns in all directions
    • One LFO per sequencer with assignable destination
    • Up to 32 CC’s recording automation (per step)
    • Configure all LFO and CVs parameters and options from their respective menus

Pricing and Availability

OXI plans to launch the OXI One later this month. See their site for details.

13 thoughts on “OXI One Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Maybe i missed it but I was looking for a video of inputting notes into a melodic sequence. Kept finding videos of a ready-made sequence. If you input notes and chords like the deluge, click and hold a pad/ then the next pad in the row sets the note length, im all in. If you input them by, let’s say, tapping a pad then turning the dial to set the length then im out. The Deluge is so intuitive so its pretty hard to go backwards, turning a single knob to do everything. All the other features look great but i cant find the part where making music looks fun like the deluge/monome.

  2. Very curious about the price. I am looking for something like this that is affordable and fairly featured for years… Anything above 400 euros competes with the choice of buying a synth and wait for an affordable sequencer 🙂

    1. The linked website says it will be “under €600”. As mentioned in a commemt below it will first launch in a crowdfunding campaign, probably with some “early bird” perk to get it a bit cheaper.
      If you want something now and a Beatstep Pro is not enough, you might be able to get a new Toraiz Squid for under €400 (got mine for €399). However, it seems that Pioneer abandoned that thing already.

  3. Nice. Deluge comes to mind and likely the better device (san screen). OXI One however, looks great for euro rack setups. Small and full of features.

  4. The devs are super friendly and responsive on their forum and it already has conditional triggers like Elektron boxes!! They seem super motivated to get feedback and feature requests. Personally, I think it may be ‘expensive’ compared to other sequencers but the support seems already top knotch. For me, its worth paying a little extra knowing it will be supported after launch. Toraiz line looks great but sad Pioneer already abandoned them.

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