Fingerlab Intros Mynth, ‘The Freaky Synth’ For iOS & macOS

Fingerlab has introduced Mynth, ‘The Freaky Synth’ for iOS and macOS, that lets you draw your oscillator waveforms and then build patches with dual filters, four LFOs and more.

Neither their site nor their video preview really explains what makes Mynth so ‘freaky’, so, if you have tried it, share your thoughts on it in the comments!


  • 8-voice polyphony
  • 6 octaves
  • 3 Oscillators (Sine / Triangle / Square / Sawtooth / Custom)
  • ADSR Envelope editor
  • 2 dynamic Filters (Moog Ladder / Korg Low-Pass / Resonant / String Resonator) with ADSR envelope editor
  • 4 LFOs to control any parameters, with configurable waveform and Attack/Decay envelope editor
  • UNDO*
  • Create your own preset*
  • 96 Factory presets*
  • Build-in Arpeggiator*
  • 3 FXs (TubeAmp, Delay, reverb)*
  • Live recording + export*
  • Full Midi support
  • AudioBus & IAA support
  • AudioUnit support* (IAP required for LFOs)

Pricing and Availability

Mynth is available now for $4.99 USD. A free version is available, with some features disabled (see * in features list).

The app is a universal purchase that runs on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

5 thoughts on “Fingerlab Intros Mynth, ‘The Freaky Synth’ For iOS & macOS

  1. Easy and fun. Would make a great first synth….osc, filters, Lfo’s all on one page. Created my first pad in under a minute. It ain’t free but a fiver is not bad.

    1. For $5, for my sound design purposes, and my love of iOS music apps, no.
      Fingerlab is a good app developer so I will support them. JMO.

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