New Music From Steve Roach – AS IT IS

Free Music Friday: Ambient electronic artist Steve Roach has released his latest album, AS IT IS, as a ‘name your price’ digital download. The album is also available as a CD release.

Roach describes the album as “a simmering, churning, moving appointment with reality”, because it’s conceived as a sonic journey dealing with the reality of the global pandemic and what lies beyond.

Roach feels that, since many of our routine habits have been stripped away, we’re faced with seeing the reality of the world as it is – both harsh and beautiful.

“It’s where this music grew from,” explains Roach, “Sitting comfortably and uncomfortably in the realm of what has fallen away.”

“That unreachable place is something you hear within my music. I’m reaching towards something I’m never fully grasping,” notes Roach. “And in that state of not-fully-grasping-it there’s a recognition of knowing it AS IT IS.”

AS IT IS is available now on Bandcamp. You can preview the album below:

One thought on “New Music From Steve Roach – AS IT IS

  1. Like that track. It doesn’t make me feel how Steve describes it though, it sounds more epic and aware of it, than it does of failing to reach it. Nice tune.

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