Free Percussion Virtual Instrument

Spitfire Audio has shared a percussion virtual instrument, Labs Percussion, as a free download.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“This incredibly versatile selection of percussion instruments will provide the backbone to your next track, for media composition and electronic production alike. From essential drum hits to shakers, timbales, cowbells and congas, these instruments have been expertly recorded by producers and multi-instrumentalists Edward Scull and Sebastian Truman at Rosewood Studios, UK — a studio purpose-built for pristine percussion recordings.”

Pricing and Availability

It’s available now as a plugin for macOS or Windows. Registration is required.

10 thoughts on “Free Percussion Virtual Instrument

  1. Don’t be fooled. This is DECEPTIVE. This is NOT free. The app download is free. But then you have to pay $399 to get the percussion library.

    Its cool for them to make money selling the product of their efforts. No problem. But I HATE it when companies engage in deceptive advertising like this.

    1. I never paid for any of the LABS software. The app is free and all the LABS are free, including the new one advertised here. You just have to register and they don’t blast you with tons of email adverts. There is plenty in Spitfire’s arsenal that range from $29 to $thousands, but LABS have always been free. Spitfire has done well with opening up some of their high quality libraries to those of us who cannot afford to pay for the big stuff.

    2. Shows up perfectly free here. Nothing deceptive about it, that I can see.

      I already had the app installed, went to Not Installed tab, downloaded percussion library. Done. Free. No issues.

  2. It’s free. Spitfire LABS libraries are free. Their Originals Series is $29 and their cheapest symphony orchestra is free or $49. From there, you can buy full-fledged perfectionist libraries for more money. OrchestralTools has a similar approach. Not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on an orchestral sample library bundle, but the customers who create music with the free libraries might graduate to the more expensive stuff later.

  3. I bought Spitfire’s starter orchestra Discover and its astonishing for the price. If I decide my skills call for an upgrade, I’ll go for their larger Core instrument. They pay regular dividends to the session players based on that period’s total sales, which makes them golden, IMO. The LABS instrument SHOULD encourage you to go there. Don’t dismiss them; they’re sometimes oddballs, but they’re also little secret weapons.

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