Korg Volca Drum + iPad Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, via Perplex On, Poly 2 on the iPad and a Korg Volca Drum are the minimal setup used to create a glitchy ambient jam.

Poly 2 is a generative sequencer for iOS that creates evolving patterns and melodies based on polyrhythms. It can play up to 8 sounds at a time and also supports MIDI out for sequencing other software and hardware.

5 thoughts on “Korg Volca Drum + iPad Synth Jam

    1. The iPad would need to be connected to an audio/midi interface (I use a Steinberg UR22), which would then transmit the midi signals via a normal 5 pin midi cable into the Volca Drum.

    2. you could either use a regular usb audio-midi-interface (i‘ve used a roland ua22 in this case) connected to the ipad to send midi to the Volca and record its output right back into the iPad) or if you only want to transmit midi, a cheap usb-midi-din cable/interface does the job, too.

      1. Great! Thanks for responding. I love what you are doing here. It sounds like it took hours of programming but it looks like it was pretty simple in practice. Cool app and clever use of that little drum box!

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