Norand Mono Analog Synthesizer In Depth Demo

In the latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Norand Mono, a new synth that pairs an all-analog signal path with deep control and performance options.

The Mono features ‘contextual modulation’, a unique modulation system that gives you full control over every parameter. Each parameter has its own envelope and audio-frequency modulator – with 13 dedicated envelopes for modulation and 20 dedicated modulators.  Other features include a sequencer with ratcheting and probability per step, continuously variable waveforms and a wide range of randomization features.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:45 Overview
3:40 Mod per knob
6:10 Mod notes
8:50 Connectivity
9:50 Oscillators
11:50 Analog mods
14:10 Filter
16:30 Digital mods
19:35 X-env to depth
20:10 Sequencing
22:25 Randomize
22:50 Scales
23:10 Accent, slide
24:45 Custom accent
25:40 Automation
26:55 Mod note seq
28:00 Ratchet, prob
29:15 Unlink x-env
30:10 Advanced RND
31:40 Glitch sonata
32:40 Project & patterns
36:20 Pros & cons
42:30 Factory patterns
46:45 Outro jam

Pricing and Availability

The Norand Mono is available now for 700 €.

18 thoughts on “Norand Mono Analog Synthesizer In Depth Demo

    1. 700 euro for a 12 voice dco synth with only 1x lfo per voice that dosn’t even do audio rate, not even simple undo/redo function and have a fan ? 🙂

      1. What is up with DCO’s? Its still an analogue oscillator/filter it just stays in tune better! DCO’s were used in Roland Juno-6, Juno-60, Juno-106, JX-3P, JX-8P, and JX-10, the Elka Synthex, the Korg Poly-61, the Oberheim Matrix-6 and the recent DSI Prophet ’08 Rev2 which I use every day!

        The DM12 has 12 ‘voices’ with 1 LFO ‘per voice’ (same as the Yamaha CS-80 and most classic analogue polys) plus 4 very good fx engines, 3 ADSR generators etc, its a bit of a powerhouse. You can turn the Fan off and the excellent ‘free’ computer/tablet editor has great visual feedback for patches, morph/intelligent random and unlimited undo/redo if that something you need…best of both worlds.

        1. Most of my synth are DCO based 🙂 It was an example why compering this to other is nonsense.
          If you like your synth enjoy it, If you don’t want this one that’s ok, other machines do completely other things even if they both “synthesizers and analog”.

          some prefer the number of voices, fx and somewhat classic control and some will prefer unlimited modulations, thru zero and sequencing presets.

          1. And I have a ton of Eurorackl so am no stranger to paying too much for boutique oscillators 😉 its not necessarily a bad thing, just not mainstream. I wish them every success, but I think they may have missed the price point for this type of thing compared to say a Dreadbox Typhon for 350E which they cant make fast enough!

            1. Everybody knows that you sell more with lower prices. If they could, they would. Nothing is really overpriced with synthesizers. You get what you pay for and if you think you are not you probably don’t understand the costs involve. you don’t build synth to get rich.

              anyway, first batch sold out before production and before adverting kicked in like this video. Second batch is open for preorders and will be ready only in 5-6 weeks

    1. Yeah, I think this would be a killer synth/sequencer with even just 2 tracks/voices. Then you could go crazy on one track with percussion using all the mod capabilities, and have lead/bass/whatever on the second.

      As it stands it’s still a really cool idea. Just a touch pricey to justify getting one right away. Definitely keeping an eye on these guys though.

  1. yep.. need poly multimbrals at this price

    and on another note – all you scumbags dropping the most basic, simple, easily implemented 40 year old features (just so you can get fat by selling more compartmentalized nonsense) will be getting exactly what you need to learn why thats so shitty… eventually… once you are finally in a place where it actually makes a difference…

    so until then… SLEEP TIGHT! and dont let those proverbial bedbugs bite

        1. So you’re ranting about this not having 32 voices and 8 part multi-timbral functionality for under $1000 from a boutique startup company… or did you just want to hear yourself complain?

          And what’s your synth company’s name, “Super Fat 128 Polyphony Inc”?

          If you’re going to call companies “scumbags” at least back it up with some actual specifics…

    1. If you are a basic user with easy requirement you have allot of other option to choose from. this synth is not for most people

  2. My synth company’s name is If You Don’t Like it Guido Will Come Over and Pee In All Of Your Jacks Inc. Our logo is a crowbar smashing a Minimoog down the middle.

  3. Nice effort showing parameter value with the LEDs on the encoders. There are other solutions to this problem that i like better but its a creative solution.

    1. They also implement some different modes for the pots like pick up and relative mode so it seems they at least understand this need
      I would love step encoders with led rings but I notice most people prefer pots for some reason

  4. Wow…, all this hate sucks.
    You may not like, critique, or complain in a proper way, no problem, but the way people loose themselves and become disrespectful is unacceptable and disgusting. Get your personal problems sorted and become a civilized human again.
    Btw.: I LOVE MINE!! Yes, it is not cheap, its been developed by one guy who took great care about everything, design, components and a workflow with features that no hardware has implented in such a smart way so far. For me one of the most interesting releases recently.

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