Bass Station II Synth Battle

The latest Novation live stream featured a head-to-head synth battle between synth gurus Ehsan Gelsi and Chris Calcutt, aka -CALC-.

The two battle it out, with a pair of live performance centered on the Bass Station II analog monosynth. In addition to the performances, both run through the techniques used, including their takes on the new AFX mode.

Note: The live stream starts at about 3:30 into the video, and the performances start about 18:00 in.=

4 thoughts on “Bass Station II Synth Battle

  1. I have a Bass Station that I bought in the 90s… it still works perfectly and has no issues… The Bass Station II that I got in 2017 already has knobs falling off.

  2. Nice show! Calc’s beats sound bored with Canada. Did the winner of this beat down get to say, “All your Bass Station belong II us?”

  3. No Bass Station but still using the Ultranova regularly. Yes it’s VA, doesn’t snarl like analogue, but maaaan you can get some great sounds out it. And it runs on a USB battery.

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