Improvisation On The Moog One Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live improvisation on the Moog One synthesizer by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna.

The performance highlights the Moog One’s three-part architecture, combining step sequences, pads and leads.

Technical details: Live improvisation with the Moog One Synthesizer System. Recorded live to 2-track digital.
Universal Audio Effects devices were implemented in the stereo FX loop.

18 thoughts on “Improvisation On The Moog One Synthesizer

  1. Nice bit of kit and great sounding, no doubt, but I lost a LOT of my enthusiasm for the One with the substantial amount of bugs and issues they’ve had to work through after its release. I’m just not a fan of laying out $8k to be a beta tester. When enough of the nit-noid bits finally get ironed out, maybe then I’ll reconsider getting one.

    Excellent performance and demo for this, none-the-less.

  2. True, so true. I’m also a bit tired of these ambient, ethereal improvisation jam sessions. There are so many of them in various synth themed channels.

  3. I thought that was a very beautiful piece of music, Lisa. Yes, there are many ambient pieces people are doing out there but, this one stood pretty high above most, imho.

  4. Nice performance. Not a lot of people have the technique to do live synth improvisations and certainly not with this much skill.

    Would like to know if there are other artists doing this on Youtube.

  5. Just wonderful musicality and production. So nice that trademark Moog low-end come through in the recording.

      1. i think you have misconstrued my comment. it’s a perfectly good performance for what it is. simply, there is nothing here that couldn’t have been made with a bargain VST. also promoting moog corp in an art description seems a little ostentatious.

  6. why are there 3 tape machines? (for delays?) which is the 2-track ‘digital’? But a great performance…(I was just wondering!) 🙂

    1. Would not be surprised if two are being used for tape delays (it looks like the top two are running at different speeds) and then the mix is being run through the third tape for analog compression before going in stereo to the digital recorder.

      Something like that seems like it would be in line with the sound Bella Donna is going for.

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