UVI Super-7 Brings Back The Electronic Sounds Of The 80’s

UVI has introduced Super-7, a new virtual instrument that they say ‘delivers the unabashed sound of the ’80s’.

Super-7 is inspired the Roland MKS-7, a vintage 8-voice rackmount synth that features the analog architecture of the Juno 106, paired with PCM sounds from the Roland TR-7o7 drum machine.

Super-7 features sounds, sequences and arps, with 260+ presets tailored to synthwave, new wave, electro, house, ’80s synthpop and more.


  • ’80s synth and drum machine sounds with creative arpeggiator
  • 260+ patches, including all-new and factory sounds and patterns
  • Deeply-editable, with both multi and individual instruments

Preset Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Super-7 is available now with an intro price of $49.

4 thoughts on “UVI Super-7 Brings Back The Electronic Sounds Of The 80’s

  1. sure sounds good, just can’t wait till this TREND is over, synthesis used to be about looking forward and making new sounds, new ideas, what happened?

    1. Not sure this will end anytime soon. A lot of people still find those sounds appealing and would rather have a plug-in instead of trying to make a newer poly synth sound ‘vintage’. And as the supply of original models diminishes or gets too expensive to own, this approach offers a reasonable solution. But the market really does feel glutted.

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