WoodSynth Gets Major Update

Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio has released WoodSynth 2.0 – a major update to its multi layer synthesizer for iPad and macOS.

Here’s what’s new in Woodsynth 2.0:

  • Added multi-point ADSR display/editor for the Amplitude Envelope.
  • Added FM synthesis (Phase modulation between the main oscillators).
  • Added source selection for the main LFO’s:
    • LFO signal can now come from the samples of any of the 4 layers.
    • LFO signal can come from the track or side chain audio (low-passed or RMS)
  • Added unison mode per layer (4 layers * 16 voices -> 64 voices !).
  • Added Aux Envelope ADSR routing to: Phase modulation (FM synthesis), Ring Modulation of OSC1&2, LFO frequency modulation, Crossfade OSC1&2
  • Added oscilloscope window.
  • Added Midi Learn for almost all controls.
  • Layer Velocity and Pressure popups are now multiple selection panels.
  • Added volume control for each step in the sequencers.
  • Added Parameter2 control for each step which can be routed to :?Filter Up/Down?Filter Q?LFO frequency modulation
  • Added oscillator and samples frequency modulation to the main LFO’s.
  • Added 15 presets.
  • When not using iCloud the AUv3 presets will be copied into a “from_auv3” folder in the stand-alone app.

See the Woodman’s site for details.

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