Live LinnStrument + Granular Synth Performance, ‘Make It Rain’

Reader Fedor Tkachev shared this live mobile performance, Make It Rain.

Here’s what Tkachev had to say about the technical details:

“I had to keep it very simple here – LinnStrument into Quanta granular synth with the voice sample of my amazing cousin Daniel, plus a bit of K7D delay and Blackhole reverb. I also allowed myself to add a send to a filter with a ramp lfo, for more drama :)”

7 thoughts on “Live LinnStrument + Granular Synth Performance, ‘Make It Rain’

  1. It would have been good to see you play the linnStrument – it is such an instrument full of light, the visuals would have been better.

  2. Gorgeous sound!

    Would also like to see what you’re doing better, but also like the stark mood captured in the video.

  3. Thank you guys! Thank you Synthopia! Yes, this was the first time I’ve tried to do something like this, and I messed up both the shot and the exposure) Actually turns out that there’s not much visible light from linnstrument leds when outdoors, even on such a gloomy overcast day like that. I’ve barely seen anything myself) But I should’ve made the actual playing more present in the shot. That’s something to consider for the next time.

    1. It was just a suggestion. Good to know that the led light is so dim on a LinnStrument. Keep on the good work.

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