Sequential Prophet 10 + Rhodes Mark I Piano Ambient Improvisation

Synthesist Midera shared this somber ambient synth jam, Dream Weaper, featuring the Sequential Prophet 10 synthesizer & Fender Rhodes mkI.

Here’s what Midera shared about the technical details:

“The Prophet 10 really does start to shine when mixed with FX. Here, I use the Boss MD500 (only stereo tremolo active) going through (in stereo) to the Strymon DIG. I think this is a fantastic pairing. The Prophet just really sounds great when stereo FX are used.

Now – what really needs to be said about the Rhodes piano? It’s just awesome. The sound from the Rhodes goes through the Retro Flyer Preamp and then into the Strymon El Capistan and then to the Eventide Space.”

3 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet 10 + Rhodes Mark I Piano Ambient Improvisation

  1. A bit boring (the first minutes sound like an endless repeat of mic…ehm synth tests), there’s much better stuff on his channel.

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