STG Soundlabs Announces Support For Frac Rak Format

STG Soundlabs founder Suit & Tie Guy let us know that he’s adding support for the Frac Rak modular synth format.

“I have finally figured out how to get modules into Frac Rack again, if the front panel PCB fits,” he notes. “If you are a Frac user, feel free to hit me up and see if I can do this or something like it for you!”

Suit shared a photo of his recently introduced Oscillator, which debuted previously in MU and Euro formats, in Frac Rak format.

Frac Rak is one of the niche formats from the early days of modular synths that have retained a core of dedicated users, while the MU and Eurorack formats have exploded.

The format was originally created by John Simonton of PAiA, which for decades was one of the most important creators of synth DIY projects. Blacet and several other manufacturers also supported the format.

Like Eurorack, Frac Rak uses 3U tall panels, but there are important differences between the formats. Frac Rac panels are multiples of 1.5″ wide, while Eurorack panels are multiples of 5.08mm wide. Frac Rac also uses different power connectors and power requirements.

This is still a niche, made-to-order item, so Frac users should contact Suit via the STG Soundlabs site for more information.

2 thoughts on “STG Soundlabs Announces Support For Frac Rak Format

  1. so much nostalgia hearing again frac rak, blacet and stg sound labs… when there was only analogue-haven schneiders-buero and one other shop in europe i can’t remember the name of

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