New Module, euroNES, Brings Classic Nintendo Entertainment System Sounds To Eurorack

Developer Corvus Prudens shared this overview and sneak preview of euroNES, a new Eurorack module inspired by the classic sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Prudens created the euroNES as his final project for the Berklee College of Music’s Electronic Production and Design major. It’s an impressive project, combining electronics design, programming, designing a CPU, creating a custom coding language and more.

Here’s what Prudens has to say about it:

“The module still needs a bit of work, but hopefully it’ll be actually done in a month or two. It’s been a crazy ride!

There’s at least one major simplification in this video: I did not mention the DMC channel at all. It’s a bit more challenging to implement, so I haven’t gotten to it yet. However, for the final product, it will definitely be implemented, since you can do some really cool stuff with it.

Another note: probably a better high-performance MCU to bring up would be the STM32. Why wouldn’t I use it? Well, because then I can’t make my own CPU. That’s no fun. Okay, for real though, while this project may not necessarily need an FPGA, I have other ideas that more or less do. It was definitely a great way to get comfortable with the process.”


00:00? — Intro
01:10? — Design Process
02:33? — Technical Details
05:52? — Module Software
07:18? — Future plans
07:45? — Conclusion
08:20? — Music Demo

Pricing and Availability

The module is currently in development, but Prudens says that he hopes to be able to make the euroNES available for around $200.

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