Videosync Lets You Treat Video Like Audio In Ableton Live

Dutch software developer Showsync shared this introduction to Videosync, described as ‘a visual engine for Ableton Live’.

Videosync enables you to treat video as audio inside Ableton Live. You can create visuals using Warp Markers, Racks, Macros, Simpler, Automation, Modulation and more.

Videosync’s instruments generate content intended as a source for mixing, blending, keying or displacement. Simpler rhythmically triggers your video content, and the External In instrument fetches input from Syphon or any external video source.

Other features include:

  • Multiple outputs – Use Live’s Return & Master channels as Syphon outputs, allowing up to 13 channels of video output into other applications.
  • Networked playback – Increase redundancy and spread workload in your live shows by running Videosync on a separate computer.
  • ISF shaders – Support for Interactive Shader Format, and ships with a plugin SDK to easily develop your own video plugins.
  • Native video playback – Uses macOS high-performance video playback frameworks, to render video at the highest resolutions and frame rates that your system supports.
  • Format support – Support for all standard video formats, as well as HAP.
  • Native Apple Silicon support – Videosync ships as a universal binary for Intel and Apple Silicon.

Here’s an introduction to getting started with Videosync:

Pricing and Availability:

Videosync is available now, with pricing starting at $99 USD. A demo version is also available.

11 thoughts on “Videosync Lets You Treat Video Like Audio In Ableton Live

  1. i don’t know much about live video programs but this seems absolutely amazing. would temp me to jump in and play around.

      1. yes and it’s seems everything more mature on bitwig. like they learn what’s “wrong” with this feature on live and then redo the all thing from ground. maybe it’s really is the same owner or something 😉

  2. well there is a free one called vizzable 2.1 since live 9 😀 and there ebosuite which is way way better which is my favorite and there is zwobot so this isn’t new but it is amazing for people like me who can’t use video programs 😀 just mentioning ones for live not maxmsp jitter patches.

    1. when will people understand that hiding such info just make them look unprofessional, write this on the headline, mac only! no shame in that.

      it does look amazing and i can see how this easily becomes a hit.

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