Sequential Prophet 6 Vintage Mode Sounds With Matt Johnson

In his latest video, Jamiroquai keyboardist Matt Johnson shares sound design tips for the Sequential Prophet 6.

He also shares his take on the new Vintage Mode and previews his custom sound library, which is available at his site.

Sequential recently updated both the Prophet-6 and OB-6 firmwares with Vintage Mode, which they say gives the synths a ‘looser, more organic sound’. It’s designed to emulate the behavior of vintage synthesizers, where the behavior of individual oscillators, filters, and envelopes can vary from voice to voice.

Note: As Johnson makes clear, the video is sponsored by Perfect Circuit and demoes his sound library.

13 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet 6 Vintage Mode Sounds With Matt Johnson

  1. I don’t care what anyone says. With the exception of the one octave less keyboard, the Prophet 6 blows away the new Prophet 5 in every way. With the new Prophet 5, Sequential is selling to the nostalgia crowd.

    1. I prefer the prophet 5 because it “blow away” the prophet 6 as far as the use of wood and it does better prophet 5 sounds.

      1. LOL. So, it’s worth paying significantly more $$$ for wood and less features, including one less voice? I suppose for the significantly more $$$ you do get an extra octave with the Prophet 5.

        Dave Smith himself said that the Prophet 6 is a better synth than the Prophet 5.

        “Compared to a Prophet 5, it goes well beyond it. But, because of the way the circuits are designed, it really has the same heart and soul that the original Prophet 5 did.”

        When comparing the same preset sounds of the original Prophet 5 created on the Prophet 6, “We were amazed how close they were…..It’s amazingly close. Sometimes indistinguishable, mostly indistinguishable.”

        1. you keep talking about what you get for $$ compering to the 6 and i agree with you but not everyone cares about feature and sound alone (they will also not care the rev4 have two diffrent filters), you can call them fools and you may be right from that perspective but it will still not change this fact. if you want a straight-up prophet 5, prophet 5 is the way to go, the better the 6 will be the less 5 it is. it maybe crazy to you but some people think like that and the 5/10 sells well knowingly the 6 exist.
          btw, dave said that about the 6 way before the rev4 exist. now he sings differently or prefer not at all. i also remember he said he is not interested in cloning the past and he only looks into the future…

      2. The envelope attacks are slower on the P6. Its frustrating, but true. Theres less “instant on” when playing a bity saw tooth. Its what gives the P5 more bite in synth sounds…and makes a big difference

    2. 100% agree. the additional resonant high pass filter alone makes a world different in sounddesign possibility. with the vintage knob it sounds “warm” enough, no need for a prophet 5 for me anymore (had one before)

  2. Great stuff! Love that they brought the Prophet 5’s Vintage Mode to the P-6 and OB-6. It’s much more vibey and musical than just a regular random detune.

  3. I enjoy Matt Johnson’s videos. He’s an excellent musician and it’s nice to hear how he uses the instruments and sounds in a musical context. It’s also very different from what I usually listen to (though I have seen Jamiroquai play live.)

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