Tubbutec 6equencer A TR-606 Style Sequencer For Modular Synthesizers

Tubbutec has introduced the 6equencer, a Roland TR-606 style step sequencer for modular synthesizers.

6equencer is available in Eurorack and 1U form factors, and can sequence 8 channels, via Gates or MIDI. Tubbutec says that the 6equencer is optimized for live performance and allows quick programming and editing of drum patterns.

Multiple 6equencers can also be linked, in sequencer or parallel, to get longer sequences or more channels.


  • Step-based drum sequencer with 8 instruments inspired by the? TR-606.
  • Compatible with analog and midi based systems
  • 16 patterns, chainable in song mode, up to 32 patterns in a song
  • Forward, backward, ping-pong and random play directions for? patterns and songs
  • Mute instruments live
  • Probability control of steps
  • Record steps by tapping or via midi
  • Clear steps while playing
  • Pattern length can be set individually (Last Step)
  • Copy, Paste and Clear patterns in song mode
  • 8 trigger outputs with adjustable trigger length, midi out
  • Analogue clock or midi clock input with adjustable clock divider
  • Multiple 6equencers can be chained to achieve longer ?sequences or more instruments.
  • Trigger and record via midi in, doubles as midi interface
  • Trigger midi instruments via midi out
  • 3U * 6HP, or 1U * 24HP Intellijel

Pricing and Availability

The 6equencer is available now for 210,00 €.

4 thoughts on “Tubbutec 6equencer A TR-606 Style Sequencer For Modular Synthesizers

    1. Behringer? A) 159€ B) has only 2 trigger outs. C) Doesn’t have the same sequencer functionality D) Requires you to enrich an unethical parasite

    2. The RD-6 can only trigger two external sounds using the LT and HT trigger outputs

      This can trigger eight external sounds

      I’m not sure how much this has in common with a 606 other than being a TR style sequencer though

      Cool nonetheless – not bad for the price – pretty useful in a small setup

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