Patch: The Card Game, With The Make Noise Shared System

The latest video from Perfect Circuit takes a look at Patch: The Card Game, using the Make Noise Shared System.

In the video, Perfect Circuit’s ‘Patch Pals’ Wes and Jacob try out Patch: The Card Game, a modular-focused card game, designed to inspire new and creative ways to patch your system.

Developed by James Cigler, the first volume of Patch TCG provides three types of cards to help craft patches and make changes ranging from subtle to drastic.

Abstraction cards tend to provide a starting point for a new patch or add in a substantial element, while Progression and Disruption cards respectively signify small and large modifications to shake things up.

Because of its fairly open-ended approach, there are no hard rules or highly specific ways to play Patch TCG, and it works for single or multiplayer play.

5 thoughts on “Patch: The Card Game, With The Make Noise Shared System

    1. Perfect Circuit is a treasure because other eurorack retailers I’ve encountered are fraudulent. GearTree on Amazon attempted to pass off multiple used/bricked modules as new to me, and Modular Freq on Reverb claims to have a Hong Kong/LA hybrid store but they are shady as hell and can’t communicate in english when you email them.

  1. I read about similar game printed by one user at some music community forum (GS or r/synthesizers – don’t remember now) about four years ago. I asked for template, this user shared them with me, I expanded them and played them few times. :]

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