The History Of The Cat Synthesizer

In the latest Fortress of Sound video, host Karl takes a look at the Octave Electronics The Cat, a monophonic synthesizer from 1976.

The video features an overview of synth, plus an exclusive interview with the creator of The Cat, Carmine Bonanno.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Multi-Track Song
01:20 Feature Breakdown
02:42 Slime
03:13 Demo Dungeon
06:55 The Cat is untamable
07:45 Carmine Bonanno Interview & History
16:07 This Cat can Purrr
17:05 The Beards & The Bees featuring Spaceman
17:50 The Bad & Key bushing/contact repair
19:20 Behringer Copy Cat
19:41 Does it Tuba?
20:3 Outro
21:00 Multi-Track Song Outro Jam

If you’ve used The Cat, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

7 thoughts on “The History Of The Cat Synthesizer

  1. My first synth. I was 16. My parents had no idea what it was lol, but they got it for me for Xmas. Changed my life.

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