Modal Electronics’ Skulpt SE Synth Now Shipping

Modal Electronics let us know that the SKULPTsynth SE is now available.

The SKULPTsynth SE is an updated version of the SKULPT synth that they improves on the original with improved readability and build quality. Like the original SKULPT, the SE has a powerful synth engine for a mobile device, with four-voice polyphony, up to 8 oscillators per voice, MPE support and more.

In tandem with the retail availability of SKULPTsynth SE, Modal Electronics has also released a SKULPTsynthesiser firmware update, featuring a raft of workflow enhancements plus poly-chain support, in mixed configurations with the SKULPTsynth SE.

Pricing and Availability:

SKULPTsynth SE is available now. Suggested retail prices are £169.99 (UK, incl. VAT), 199.99 € (incl. 20% VAT) and $199.99 (US MAP).

The new Firmware is available via MODALapp.

3 thoughts on “Modal Electronics’ Skulpt SE Synth Now Shipping

  1. They should release an iPad version. I’d buy a copy in a heartbeat because Modal’s synthesis algorithms seem really good.

  2. Wow the cheapest costing hardware MPE synth on the market, time to get me one or two. I think two for simple Poly chaining. I will be making a video. Connect to my Sensel Morph (Buchla Thunderbird panel). I am into full din midi, usb works with power hub. For bang for the buck I think Modal Electronics, just did a stick up put your hands up!

    Fun time is coming!

    From the Manual:
    Each MPE dimension is mapped to the SKULPTsynthesiser sound engine as follows:

    • Left-right / X-axis (sent as MIDI Pitch Bend) – This controls the pitch of the note, with the
    range set using the ‘MPE Pitch Bend Range’ global setting (see above).

    • Front-back / Y-axis (sent as MIDI CC 74) – This controls the SKULPTsynthesiser Mod Wheel
    modulation assignments.

    • Pressure / Z-axis (sent as MIDI Channel Aftertouch) – this controls the SKULPTsynthesiser
    Aftertouch modulation assignments.

    As the MPE Y and Z dimension assignments are built into SKULPTsynthesiser’s existing
    modulation matrix, these assignments are saved and recalled with each patch.

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