Designing & Building An AI Musical Instrument

Charis Cat shared this in-depth look at creating the After Eight Step sequencer – a DIY project that extends traditional step sequencing with artificial intelligence.

The After Eight Step is an Arduino and Max-powered 8-step sequencer. It uses Markov Chains to generate musical accompaniment, based on any sequence of notes. Details on this are available on Cat’s site.

If you’re interested in creating an After Eight Step sequencer, source for the project is available on github.

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
01:18 Why am I doing this?
02:11 Let’s get building!
03:22 First row of Potentiometers
03:40 Potentiometers to MIDI
04:22 Sequencing in Max
05:17 Mounting the LCD Screen
05:50 Wiring potentiometers
06:12 Preparing the LEDs
07:30 Second potentiometer row
07:51 Markov Chains and Transition Matrix’s
08:39 Rotary Encoder & Settings
09:17 AI Attempt 1, Troubleshooting, & David Cope
10:51 Wiring the potentiometers
11:12 Multiplexing
13:05 Rotary Encoders & Interrupt Pins
14:06 Clicky Green Button
14:17 Wiring up the LCD Screen
14:44 Literal Explosions
15:24 Tearing the heart from an old project
15:47 Rewiring the Arduino
16:26 Conclusion
18:47 Demonstration
21:34 Pure Pain

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