Analogue Solutions Colossus, ‘The Second Most Beautiful Synth In The World’

Synthesist Christian Henson shared this look into the Analogue Solutions Colossus, a synth he describes as ‘the second most beautiful synth in the world’.

Henson is a award-winning composer and co-founder of virtual instrument company Spitfire Audio.

‘He recent purchased a Colossus for his work. The Colossus is a £25K no-compromise synth design, inspired by the classic EMS Synthi 100. Analog Solution admits that the Colossus is ‘not entirely practical’, but is designed to be impressive physically and sonically. And it’s been successful – Analogue Solutions recently announced the fourth run of the £25K supersynth.

Here’s what the video covers:

00:00 Intro
00:52 Whats It All About
01:58 Setting Up A Patch
07:45 So How Does It Sound?
08:27 Why Did I Make This Investment?
09:13 Making The “DOOM DRONE”
10:07 Playing The Free Doom Drone Sample Pack
10:47 The ACTUAL Most Beautiful Synth Of All Time

11 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Colossus, ‘The Second Most Beautiful Synth In The World’

    1. At a first glance, afrorack sounds like a wonderful idea. But can anyone point to some more info? From the website, I can’t figure out what it does, and I can’t figure out what the “soundsketch” is. I don’t understand why you would have a limited production run if the aim was to reach a more diverse group.

      On a different note. It’s well worth getting to grips with a slew limiter, it has many uses.

    2. ask him, Brian’s around on the usual synth social media (yeah not only do they have electronics in Uganda, but also internet!)

    1. LOL. Good one.
      There are a lot of famous acts who were/are very low in the talent department. For example, think of the many famous singers who have terrible voices.

  1. @10.50 “this is the most beautiful synth in the world : the afrorack sound sketch. ”
    @12.00 ” it has to have the most beautiful heart.”

    @11.25 “given to vulnerable children in vulnerable communities to give them an alternate outlook on life.”

    This made me teary.

  2. Sampling the bejesus out of this one is the best use of it. (Few mortals can access one and I’d end up in the mouth of madness if I did.) That may feel a bit freeze-dried, but Spitfire’s other instruments are pristine & playable. There’s no reason to think this won’t end up yielding some nice monster sound.

  3. Sorry but the Colossus is not even among the 200 most beautiful synths. It is awfully designed clumpsy seriously overpriced and just hideous. Instead of buying this one could buy at least 20 great synths and a complete soundstudio. Which would give so much more in all ways.

  4. Saying things like “this is the most beautiful whatever” is nothing more than a personal taste.
    Personally I would never consider buying a Analogue Solutions Colossus even if I had the money.

    Also what’s that about the Afrorack Soundsketch? A freakin jpeg with text that only looks nice on a screen with very low resolution. Completely lost all interest.

  5. honestly if you buy x4 of those upcoming Behringer VCS3 clones, and install them in a wooden cabinet along with an analog sequencer and oscilloscope (both of which can be had for quite cheap), you will have most of the functionality of this “beast”, saving yourself a cool £23-24K.

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