disting EX 1.8 Eurorack Modular Update Adds Multi-Effects Processor

Expert Sleepers has released firmware 1.8 for the disting EX multifunction Eurorack module.

The update adds a multi-effects processor mode and more.

Here’s what’s new in disting EX v1.8:

  • Added the Multi FX algorithm.
  • Added the Oscilloscope algorithm.
  • Added the ‘Gate offset’ parameter to the Poly Wavetable algorithm.
  • Added the ‘Clocks required’ parameter to the Augustus Loop algorithm.
  • Added the ‘Reverse’ parameter to the Granulator algorithm.
  • Added ‘Start offset’ parameters to the SD 6 Triggers algorithm.
  • Added ‘I2C learn’ (like MIDI learn, for I2C).
  • Added the ‘Enable High Speed SD’ setting.
  • Added the ‘Wake on MIDI/I2C’ setting.
  • Added an ‘Ignore’ option to the ‘Program Change Option’ setting.
  • Some parameters, notably the sample folders in the SD Multisample and SD 6 Triggers algorithms, and the wavetable in the Poly Wavetable and Dream Machine algorithms, now wait for the user to confirm their choice (by pressing the encoder) before changing.
  • The Looper algorithm now stores the loop play/reverse/octave down states in its presets.
  • Modified the ‘G’ in the large font used by the quantizer algorithms to make it more distinct from the ‘C’.
  • In dual mode, the help texts for the two sides now have independent scroll positions.
  • Dual mode algorithms now send MIDI CCs on parameter changes and preset loads (if enabled in the settings).
  • Processing of MIDI ‘soft thru’ now continues at all times (rather than stopping e.g. during WAV folder load).
  • Single mode presets now store which parameter was active when stored.
  • Fixed a problem in the SD Multisample algorithm where the Transpose and Octave parameters would not be correctly applied to notes triggered by MIDI.
  • Fixed a problem in the Dream Machine algorithm where setting the numerator and denominator parameters via MIDI would produce unpredictable results.
  • Fixed the Quantizer 2 algorithm’s response to MIDI.

See the ES site for details.

3 thoughts on “disting EX 1.8 Eurorack Modular Update Adds Multi-Effects Processor

  1. incredible how many things this module does, we will all want five or six of them, but good luck finding one. time to mass produce! 😉

    1. The disting definitely does a lot, but it hides it all behind an impenetrable interface. The EX does make it easier, but it puts like 100+ different modules behind a generic panel, so you always have to figure out what does what.

      If you want to use this, you’ll need to print out a cheat sheet and stick it next to your modular synth.

      The Ornament and Crime module is the same way. Vast powers stuck behind generic knobs.

      I’d love to see somebody with an understanding of usability create a interface for this sort of thing.

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