1000 Modules Now Available On Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular Platform

Cherry Audio has announced that 1000 modules are now available for their Voltage Modular software modular synthesizer platform.

Voltage Modular is a virtual Eurorack system. The platform is developed by Cherry Audio, but there are modules for the platform from dozens of developers.

Key features include: 64-bit double precision math for high-quality audio; unlimited cables per jack, for endless modulation possibilities; unlimited variations available per patch; integrated Recording section and more.

We talked with Cherry Audio’s Mitchell Sigman when they introduced the synth at the 2018 NAMM Show:

Pricing and Availability

Voltage Modular is available as a free download with a basic collection of modules. Additional modules and bundles are available, with several currently on sale to celebrate the 1000 module milestone.

8 thoughts on “1000 Modules Now Available On Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular Platform

  1. That’s deeply impressive. Sigman has always known his stuff. If you have all 1000 modules, there may be a chance that you are a virgin. If you just have (arbitrary number here) a select 50 or so, then you clearly know your stuff, too. Its no casual venture. Its Ultimate Lego.

    Cherry Audio rocks. Check out their (Oberheim) Eight-Voice and (ARP) CA2600. I’m wary of subscriptions, so I enjoy buying from focused houses like CA.

    1. You had me worried for a moment there, but I checked and it appears that you actually buy it – no awful “subscription” rental schemes involved.

      Extra points for making a software clone of the Radio Shack/Moog MG-1. ;-p

  2. On the far end from that, some mad types will say there aren’t enough! Holding back is a useful discipline. I have a honking big handful of instruments like a lot of people, most of which only do sideman duty. I see merit in the added colors, but its my central six or seven that get the most use. Familiarity and commitment lead to the best payoffs.

  3. With all the virtual modulars that are now available (I can think of about six, and I’m sure there are more)– I wonder what the differences w.r.t versatility, flexibility, sound, ease, workflow, documentation, etc.

    I expect a pretty polished product from Cherry Audio.

  4. As many other Cherry Audio soft synth, the aliasing is terrible and it is a clear indication of bad design. When I’ve seen the official support on the official forum suggesting to not play higher register notes to avoid aliasing oh well….. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing that tidbit. Whenever I had taken these synths for a spin, I didn’t think to check the high notes. Bummer. Too bad they didn’t address that in the design. Nothing breaks the “spell” of an analog sim like some crappy sounding aliasing.

    2. Hmm, I’d like to try it. It seems like it should be possible to, you know, either use band-limited oscillators/filters and/or an antialiasing lowpass filter. You can also raise the sample rate to reduce the impact of the antialiasing filter. At least that’s what I seem to remember from school. 😉

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