Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer Update Adds USB MIDI Connectivity & More

Nonlinear Labs has announced a major update for its C15 synthesizer that adds USB MIDI connectivity, an internal digital audio recorder and more.

They’ve also introduced a new accessory, the MIDI Bridge, for connecting the c15 directly to a computer.

USB MIDI Features:

  • Transmits and receives notes, positions of the Hardware Controls, Program Changes
  • Up to 90 parameters can be modulated via the Macro Controls
  • 14-bit resolution for Note Velocities and for Controls available
  • Separate MIDI Channels for Split zones and Parts of the synth engine available
  • Local On/Off

Recording features:

  • Loss-free digital recording of the stereo output signal
  • FLAC-compressed storage of the last hours (at least 80 min) of playing
  • Auto-start when the C15 is booted (optional)
  • Visualization in the browser and play-back controls
  • Download of the selected segment as FLAC or WAV file
  • The sound parameters at any point of the timeline can be restored
  • Complete information about the presets used in the session

Details are available at the Nonlinear Labs site.

9 thoughts on “Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer Update Adds USB MIDI Connectivity & More

  1. I was surprised to learn that it runs ONLY £4000. It has the aroma of the Synclavier’s heyday. I get the feeling that you have to wear three hats at once to draw out all of its strengths. Its a fine achievement. Its in the same price range as Roland’s mega-beast Fantom, but the contrast in form is interesting to consider.

    I think I’ll buy both. Sure I will! 😀

    1. Just check out their financing options. They’re incredibly customer-friendly. And you get a free 4-hour long training session with the designer/founder.

  2. I keep coming back to “why not?” When I consider my tastes lately, I would love to fold myself full time into a synth like this.

      1. No LFOs is still an odd design choice, usually it’s a Sounddesigners favorite tool.
        and no polyphonic aftertouch, weird for a “players instrument”
        and no MPE. 4 pedals don’t help here …
        Basically it’s a players instrument from the 70s.
        Meh. Weird retro futuristic design choices.
        Not my cup of tea.

        1. it’s not always possible to figure the whole given the properties of the parts especially when something is different and unique

  3. Having had a C15 since July 2019, I can attest to what an exceptional instrument it is. Nonlinear Labs has been ardent in updating and continually improving a platform that dwarfs most and is undoubtedly a future classic. The way they utilize the GUI is a lesson other manufacturers should take notes on. That being said, it is very much a player’s instrument. Even with MIDI implementation, I don’t see it appealing much to the Nexus crowd.

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