Elektron Updates Digitakt With New Modulation & Synthesis Options

Elektron has released “a proper whopper of an upgrade” for Digitakt, adding new modulation and synthesis options and more.

Here’s what’s new in Digitakt 1.3:

  • Second LFO – The Digitakt now has double the LFO power. The second LFO gives you even more modulation possibilities, opening up a bonus parameter to modulate. It also includes the ability to control the first LFO with the second.
  • Extended Pitch Range – You can now dive three extra octaves down for tune-melting, bass-rumbling possibilities. \
  • External Input Mixer – The Digitakt now has an external input mixer. Process your sound in stereo or split the mix and dual wield in two mono channels. You can send it through the  reverb and delay or process it with the master compressor.
  • Improved Multimode Filter – The Digitakt’s Multimode filter now has an even larger sound-shaping toolbox to work with. Emphasize different parts of your sound and find that sweet spot with a new EQ-style filter type. They’ve also added an Envelope Delay, to give extra focus to the transient of your kick or add a swelling effect to your pads.
  • Base-width Filter – This additional filter gives you more control when it comes to finding space for your sounds, working in tandem with the Multimode filter. You can also access it via LFO destination to unlock even more modulation potential.
  • There is also the addition of multi-track step recording, global FX/mix, individual track resampling, GUI improvements, performance improvements and more.

For a full list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes – see the Elektron site.

4 thoughts on “Elektron Updates Digitakt With New Modulation & Synthesis Options

  1. man, as a former mpc guy i thought the eq was sorely missed, damn near any sample you take youre gonna wanna eq it to your liking, right?

    when the vid got to the part “aaaaaaand………” i know i wasn’t the only one crossing my fingers going “song mode song mode song mode……”

    now with the eq, song mode is the only possible thing i could ask for in a future update on this machine.

  2. This is a great update. Second filter is really great. I’m going to use it for basic EQ, and keep the primary filter for the actual filter job.

    Chaining input is also great. Finally, we’ll be able to daisy chain external gear. My setup will be:

    Analog gear x2 -> Digitakt -> Digitone.

    No need for an external mixer!

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