Free Update Brings Native Apple Silicon & VST3 Support To All Spectrasonics Instruments

Native Apple Silicon support allows significantly more instances of Spectrasonics plug-ins, along with major improvements in latency.

Spectrasonics let us know that they’ve released free updates for all of their instruments, adding Native Apple Silicon and VST3 support.

Spectrasonics has released free updates for Omnisphere, Trilian, Keyscape and Stylus RMX, which include full native support for both Apple Silicon based Macs and Steinberg’s latest VST3 plug-in standard.

The company says that native Apple Silicon support allows for significantly more instances of Spectrasonics plug-ins, with major improvements in latency, even with inexpensive Apple laptops.

The updates also include numerous maintenance improvements, optimizations and fixes.

“We’ve long dreamed of the day when our powerful instruments like Omnisphere and Keyscape could easily be used and provide excellent performance with average, off-the-shelf computers. We’re thrilled to say, that day has finally arrived!” says Spectrasonics Founder Eric Persing.

“Support for VST3 is also important for the future, especially since it is used as the basis of MIDI 2.0 development, which we are also working on,” adds Persing. “The future is bright for Spectrasonics instruments, and these new updates allow us to support the next generation of users!”

Pricing and Availability:

The updates are available now and are free for all registered Spectrasonics users.

5 thoughts on “Free Update Brings Native Apple Silicon & VST3 Support To All Spectrasonics Instruments

  1. I’d like to see some metrics on this. It’s hard to understand how performance on M1 Macs compares to my existing machine.

  2. M1 support.. Check. Now bring those fantastic plugins to iPad and iPhone!

    Keyscape & Omnisphere always in your pocket ready to go = EPIC!

    And that’s expressing it mildly.

  3. Apple is firing on all cylinders lately. It’s amazing that you can get a cheap mac mini or macbook air and it will blow away most mid-range and even many high-end PCs now.

    You literally have to get a Mac Pro if you want a Mac that performs better than these entry-level M1 machines. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for their Apple Silicon mid-range machines.

    1. Not all cylinders. It sucks that Apple always finds ways to screw us over. Yes the M1 is nice it was not much of a surprise. What we got is the next generation iPad chip in a Mac (sort of).

      But what we didn’t get is all the other benefits so we end up buying 2 or more devices from Apple that both do some things but never everything (while it could). So now we got this insane powerful iPad but crippled by Apple on purpose so they can squeeze more money out of us. It’s a disgusting business model and Apple creates a massive amount of extra waste because of it. which means their marketing about the environment etc is just complete bs no matter how you look at it.

      No Logic Pro, XCode or Final Cut Pro on iPad Pro after 5 generations of iPad Pro’s is unforgivable and has a lot of users giving up all hope that Apple will ever change.

      1. If you think you’re getting screwed when you can get an entry-level mac laptop and it’s completely silent, gives you 16+ hours of battery life and is faster than any Mac you’ve ever owned, then your cup may be half full.

        The article is about Spectrasonics updating their software for M1 – and it sounds like it is faster and more powerful than ever on the M1 macs, which is amazing.

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