Alessandro Cortini Interview On The Art + Music + Technology Podcast

Synthesist Alessandro Cortini (NIN, Modwheelmood, Blindoldfreak) is featured in the latest interview of the Art + Music + Technology podcast.

Host Darwin Grosse talks with Cortini about his recent work, including his new album Scuro Chiaro and partnering with Make Noise to develop the Strega synthesizer; his modular systems; seqeuncing and more.

You can listen to the Alessandro Cortini interview via the embed below, via the AMT site or by subscribing to the podcast (add in your podcast application):

13 thoughts on “Alessandro Cortini Interview On The Art + Music + Technology Podcast

      1. I am glad you find his music enjoyable. I love ambient music, I simply do not enjoy his compositions. Simply a difference of opinion, it makes your enjoyment no less valid than my opinion.

        1. From where I’m at, encasing your opinion within an unwarranted insult pretty much invalidates whatever point you were trying to make with the statement.

          There are much better and more effective ways to communicate that you don’t like somebody’s work than “saying that this is overrated would be too much adulation.”

          1. I don’t believe it was an unwarranted insult as much as it was a momentary reflection of his work and music from where I sit! That said, the efficacy of my critique should matter little if you enjoy his work. You defended his music and I derided it. That said, I also enjoyed the shared music by another individual.

            However I also applaud his courage or any artist for that matter that chooses to to display their creations for public consumption, ridicule, critique, or adulation.

  1. I’m excited to check this out. Darwin scored a huge guest for this one. One of my favorite artists with such a wide and varied career. His soundscape/drone solo work is really incredible.

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