The Story Of MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)

The latest episode of the Gaz Williams show features an extended interview with polymath Geert Bevin, discussing the story of MPE.

Bevin wrote the original MPE standard (originally for Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression), which was updated and adopted in 2018 by the MIDI Manufacturers Association as MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

Bevin is Software Engineering and Product Manager for Moog Music. He’s also helped develop the firmware for the Roger Linn LinnStrument and the Eigenharp; created the CableCube patch cable organizer; created Geco MIDI, a gestural controller for the Leap Motion; created command-line tools for MIDI; used 3D printing to create PPE face masks and more.

2 thoughts on “The Story Of MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)

  1. Very interesting (though I agree the part of the lawnmower could have been cut out). I was following all of these developments, without knowing that Geert was a connecting pin between them all!

    Funny to hear MIDI is something like the United Nations: the involvement of so many is both its weakness and its strength. It was not just Eigenharp that hat to give up the resistance. Recently Nonlinear labs has given in as well (

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